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The mark of victory is often portrayed by a flag on top of the mountain that was just conquered. God has moved some tremendous mountains in the “Church Swap”.

As we celebrate His victory over that mountain, there are still mountains we need to overcome. There are renovations, technical equipment and supplies still needed to get the new building ready.

We believe that God is going to provide all that is needed. This is an opportunity for you to make your mark by helping purchase these supplies. When we enter our new building we will see the mark you made, through the kids toys, new floors, chairs and many other things that you helped make possible.

This is a $200,000 mountain. However, we see it not only marked with one flag of victory, but covered with many flags of victory as we partner with Him and one another to make our mark.

How to Make Your Mark

  1. Click the Register Button.
  2. Enter your email and register as a donor for the event. (Your giving will reflect on a year end giving statement)
  3. Then choose the “Add Ons” you want to help purchase for the new building.

Optional Add-Ons

  • General Donation: $25 - $10,000
  • Auditorium Chairs: $32
  • Offices: Furniture & Supplies: $50
  • Flooring: Offices: $250
  • Flooring: General: $250
  • Paint: $50
  • Lobby Furniture: $100
  • Washing Machine & Dryer: $100
  • Tech: Cameras: $1,000
  • Tech: TV & Screens: $750
  • Tech: Stage/Lighting: $500
  • Youth: Tech: $500
  • Youth: Stage: $250
  • Youth: Furniture: $100
  • Youth: Gaming: $50
  • Children's: Tech: $500
  • Children's: Flooring: $250
  • Children's: Furniture: $100
  • Children's: Special Needs Materials: $25
  • Children's: Toys: $25
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Make Your Mark Event

Event Details

  • April 1
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm